Small Business Owners + Accountants = Success!

Small Business Owners

The right accountant can make all the difference in helping you make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Did you know that hiring an accountant can increase your chances of business success by 89%? (Source: Intuit survey)

The accountants listed on this website have completed a course designed to help you increase your revenue, profits, cash flow, and pricing. They have earned the Certified Business Profit Consultant designation.

Accountants, Bookkeepers, and CPAs

Owners of small businesses need your expertise beyond the compliance work — tax prep, bookkeeping, and accounting software troubleshooting – that you provide for them.

You are the numbers experts. Small business owners need help interpreting their numbers so they can make better decisions. It’s no longer enough to deliver reports that are accurate and timely; that’s only the beginning of the job.

Learn how to help small business owners analyze their revenue, profits, cash flow, and pricing so that they can make better business decisions. Become a Certified Business Profit Consultant by taking the Advisor Accelerated course and passing an exam.